Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Ya Gotta Get It Together - Part One

Getting Organized—Part One

This blog will be referring to the July/August Family Tree  article by Denise Levenick, "The End of the Paper Trail" and how I have applied the guidance of this article to organizing my own genealogy paperwork.

"When your genealogy paperwork isn't organized, neither is your research," Denise Levenick says.

It is that time in my life when  "stuff," all kinds of stuff, needs to be released, streamlined thinned out, thrown out

BUT.... Genealogy papers, books, photos and all kinds of epherma were not on my list to be thinned out until I read the article by Denise Levenick in Family Tree magazine. 

I can do this! 
Denise Levenick inspiringly said, "Not paperless, but less paper."

This process is multileveled so when organizing be prepared to
jump from computer, to files, to bookshelves, to in-basket 
and back again.

It is like rearranging move leads to other smaller moves or projects or areas with which to deal.

Step One was to look at the files on my computer. Too many to tackle all at once. So I did a basic rearranging of: surname folders. I was organizing to get ready for organization.

See Denise's Article and Step 8 following suggested organized, detailed folder structure. 

BUT I had files in scanning folders, photo folders, email folders 

I will haveto return and organize folders surnames, photos, general genealogy, and more. 

(See? It is like rearranging furniture!)

Step Two was to look at the overflowing folder of paper in the form of journal articles, speakers handouts, pages torn from conference syllabi, yellow pages of handwritten notes, and what is in my in basket. 

Family files in the file cabinet are next.  This will be an continuation of Step 8 of Levenick's article.

Most of the paperwork in the folder was tossed into the recycle. Others were scanned.

Cute story: In this in basket I found a handout from Denise from when she spoke to the San Diego Genealogical Society about this very same topic. I loved the quote she included on her handout from Hercule Poirot,
"...the world it is drowning in paper."

(For Scanning See: Ya Gotta Get It Together - Part 2

Regarding Research Logs: Religiously I kept a print out of my research logs (see photo above) even though I had passed the goal(s) reflected on them. 
For example: I kept all the Berlin research log information in addition to the letters and replies (See Grandmother Born in Berlin? blog). These are no longer needed. Think LESS Paper. 

This is just the beginning... as refining your folders will go on and on.

Step Three is the preparation for scanning of heirloom documents. I have had success here. 

MY original documents have already been scanned. So I am ahead here.
MY originals are in acid free binders. 

need to be scanned and these 
copies of originals put in the recycle.

Note: You should use a flatbed to scan delicate heirloom documents or use a camera and take a photo of the heirloom.
 Key words here: BE CAREFUL when handling heirloom documents.

* Blog: Grandmother Born in Berlin

* "The End of the Paper Trail" by Denise Levenick July/August Family Tree magazine

* Speaker's notes: Denise Levenick The Paper-Less Genealogist Organizing Your Genealogy With Digital Files

Are you in the process of organizing? 
I would love to hear from you.

See ya down the road...

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