Monday, August 15, 2016

Amenuensis Monday

Dear Brother

This letter comes from the Myers surname file and are relatives of  my husband Jeffrey Mikel Lott.

A letter from Jacob Myers to his brother in Dark County, Ohio
on January 1, 1847.

Commiserating about the brother having fever and ague for some time.
John had the fever and ague and on the fourth day when the fever was at its highest 
"I had better than a pint of blood taken from me..."

Wm McCreary was buryed last week.

Another brother, John, picks up the pen and writes of his rumatism like his brother James...he has a fine son and calls him Robert Breckenridge.
He writes of Eliza Jane's marriage to Edmund Rockhold 
"A real go ahead Dutchman."
Jacob and Dolly were at the wedding and on their way home the carriage was upset but fortunately no one hurt.
Eliza has done well with her marriage and has a fine farm with a three story house and a bank barn.
"I received a letter from her this day and she is well and happy and has one annoyance and that is she is completely surrounded by dimacrats.
I went to McCrearys yesterday and he is not dead.

The letter continues from his nephew John Carpenter M.D. who writes of the fever and ague and it prevails in Hagarstown, Waynesboro, Chambergurg, Frederick etc. 
He continues and talks about the meeting of the brethern and them doing some considerable good in the neighborhood.
Daniel Sheets is preparing to build a bank barns so you may think he expects to raise something more than ___ and persimmons among the rocks of poor old Adams Co.

The men in writing this letter used every bit of space to compose their thoughts.

Three men wrote to John Myers on this letter.

The letter was send via the Robinsons.

NOTE: Eliza Jane's annoyance with the dimicrats (Demacrats).

See ya down the road...

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