Saturday, June 18, 2016

PART ONE of WE THREE and our story

Recently at the request of my brother Ron I wrote a brief history of the 
Berger/Szabo and Binder families.
This is our  story.
Part One is presented here.
Diane, Anna and Ronald
Diane, Ronald and Anna

It is odd that Leo Berger and Catherine Binder met in San Diego, CA when as it were they were born not so far away from each other in Austria Hungary. It is less than a day’s drive by car from Palesnik, Croatia where Catherine Binder was born to Temesvar, Romania where Leo Berger was born.

Leo Berger was born in Temesvar, (now Romania) Hungary when the area belonged to Hungary but tracing Leo’s roots his great grandmother was from Germany and the Szabos are yet to be researched whereas Berger certainly is a German name and Szabo is certainly an Hungarian name.
Aranka Aurelia Szabo, Leo’s mother, was born in the south of what is now Romania in Buzias/Bazias. Being so the record of her birth was located just across the border in what is Serbia.

I have had an Eastern European researcher investigating the Berger/Szabo line in Hungary, Romania and Serbia. I have the documents of birth for Leo, Etelka (Etta) and Aranka Aurelia and the death records of Aranka's husband Lipot Berger.

There are believed to be Szabo’s still in Romania or Eastern Europe but I have not followed up on them yet.

Grandmother Aranka Aurelia Szabo Berger (Larsen) came to America following an uncle who lived San Diego. Aranka Berger and her son Leo came directly to San Diego. Etta (Etelka) who married Joseph Mattias Prihoda remained in Budapest, Hungary until their son Bela Leo was born and then came to San Diego.

99% of this is information is sourced with confidence.

Part Two is to follow in another blog.

Are you Hungarian and do you have stories to share? I would loce to read them.

See ya down the road.

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