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Palesnik Sure Ain't Poland

For the Longest Time
The Caronia

Even though I found my grandmother and mother on the passenger list for the ship Caronia, for the longest time I was puzzled about the Ellis Island transcription that stated Last Place of Residence as Poland... Croatia.

This is the actual entry for Anna Binder and child Kata.

This is the same information on the Ellis Island print out.
 (see below) with the entry Last place of Residence of "Poland...Croatia"."

I used the flip-pal to scan and "stitch" the document below. 
More on Flip-Pal in another post.

It was only through sidestepping to my half Great Aunt Katie Muehl (noted before in the post Serendipity) and looking at emails from her family members that information from Ellis Island transcription was corrected

I looked at the entry written as Poland...Croatia with a magnifying globe and saw the last Place of Residence was actually Palesnik, Croatia.

Below is a portion of an email from cousin Mark Muehl:

"Joseph paid their fare and had some $80 with him. Joseph had been to America before between 1903 and 1907 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I did a quick search but couldn’t find him on a ship manifest in 1903. (Looks like another funny case of him returning to Palesnik to find a wife, then coming back to America. What is it with Palesnik and wives?)

This is just one email as there were many email confirmations from Mark stating that the last place of residence was Palesnik, Croatia.

location of the city of Palesnik, Croatia
Palesnik is a small town in Croatia not far from the city of Zagreb.
It is so small that wikipedia only provides the following description:
PaleŇ°nik is a village in Croatia. It is connected by the D45 highway.Ň°nik

• Have you had experiences with Ellis Island transcriptions such as this example?

Please contact me through this blog post as I would love to read your stories.

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