Friday, July 10, 2015

My Pal....Flip Pal

Several years ago I bought a Flip Pal...

This blog post is not a "how to" of the Flip Pal but some comments and suggestions on my most recent use.

Flip Pal, memory card, USB adapter, lid needs to be removable as scanning a large document you must turn the Flip Pal OVER to scan a large item in sections for stitching together. (see below)

My cousin Leona and I have been promising to get together and share family stories, photos, and documents.  In her most recent email Leona said she had some very old death certificates and other documents. I asked her to copy them and send them to me. Unfortunately, the documents were too old and too brittle to take somewhere and make copies.

I took my Flip Pal to her house and we scanned documents for most of the morning. I used my Flip Pal to take several pictures of documents that would be "stitched together" when I got home.

Leona indeed was correct. Some of the documents were very old, delicate, and brittle.

NOTE: She and I went to the Container Store and purchased acid free document portfolios and photo containers.  I made her promise that she would go right home and put the worst of the documents into these containers today and the remainder soon after.

Scanning: (I use a MAC computer)
If you are scanning to "Stitch together a large document, you must remove the lid and flip the Flip Pal over and scan as shown below.
1. Be careful as you scan in sections.  Overlap if you are using several scans to create one document from a large document.
2. Align edges carefully. 
I wasn't so precise but I still got a good result.
scanning sections of a large item
3. After scanning, take the memory card out of the Flip Pal. 
Press in and it will pop out.
4. Read the directions for the use of the memory card and accessory like the USB adapter. 
I needed to use the USB adapter.

The Flip Pal disc in the adapter and in a USB port

5. Once the card is inserted into the computer, the Flip Pal folder or device icon will appear on your desktop.
Flop Pal folder or icon. Here an icon on my MAC

6. Click on the folder/icon.  You will see the Finder tool bar and  
the Mac folder will open on the desktop.

7. To download in preparation to stitch together...
     • click on flip pal folder/device on the desktop 
     • open the MAC file folder, click TWICE on Easy Stitch
     • you will see Easy Stitch on the toolbar line (see below)
I did not see this at first as I wasn't looking in the right place.
     • Go to file to Open.

See tool bar with Easy Stitch. See Easy Stitch highlighted, and the blue Easy Stitch window that will show stitch progress.

 • Your scanned items in a scanned number list and the actual scanned item pieces will both be displayed.
     • You will need to see and work with both of these lists.

This took me a few minutes to understand, find, and connect with. 

Both lists shown
Calculate the scanned numbers from the copy of the pieces you want stitched together and then highlight them on the scanned numbers list.  You may need to go back and forth between screens.
This also is not a easy concept to grasp at first.

The scanned items that will be stitched
     • Hit Open and then ...Wait
     • You will see the stitching progress on the blue Easy Stitch window. (see below)
This takes a couple minutes so don't try to attempt other task as it holds up the time for this process.

Blue Easy Stitch window showing stitching progress
     • Your scanned item will be shown on the screen in stitched format.  


Remember to take the disc from the computer and replace into the Flip Pal. 

Check batteries frequently.  
Carry 4 (four) AA batteries in the case. 
The Flip Pal will run haltingly if batteries are low.

Do you have a Flip Pal?
Please contact me and tell me your experiences.

See ya down the road, 

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