Sunday, August 2, 2015

Proud..What else can I say?

My Uncle Leo

The inscription says "to Aunt and Uncle from Sgt. Leo B. Prihoda." 
He addressed this photo to my mother and father.

I called my cousin Leo Bela Prihoda "Uncle Leo" because he was more the age of an uncle than a cousin. I remember him fondly.

He was born in August 3, 1922 in Kispest, Budapest, Hungary.  He came to America with is family and became citizens. Leo Bela with his parents Anna Etelka and Joseph Matyas Prihoda entered the United States Port of Entry New York on the ship Manchuria of the White Star Line. Their date of entry was October 3, 1923. Leo Bela's date of citizenship was June 20, 1930 obtained in San Diego. The Naturalization  Number was 3324991.

His grandfather was named Leo. His uncle (my father) was named Leo. His cousin (my brother) was named Leo.

I know naming like this goes on in many families. It causes major confusions when following a family history. 
Recently found this article on Facebook. 
More on this later as our family has a Johanns and Maria. 

His daughter my second cousin tells me that he won a Purple Heart having been injured twice in battle. We were all proud of him.

As a civilian employee working on airplanes as a machinist for the government he invented a tool that saved the government a great deal of money. We were all proud of him.

As a civilian working for the government as a machinist, he invented a tool that saved the government a great deal of money

Having been diagnosed later in life with diabetes,  he lost his leg due to complications with the disease. He regained consciousness after the surgery to remove his leg but died several hours. His attitude was heroic. We were all proud of him.

Leo Bela Prihoda was buried at Fort Rosecrans San Diego, California.

Of whom you are proud?

See ya down the road,

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