Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Skip Long Passport Control Lines

Although the Westways Magazine suggested Global Entry back in October 2013, my friend Mary told me about her Global Entry just a few months ago.

(I live in San Diego, CA and therefore some of these comments and suggestions are location oriented.)
Here is my experience with Global Entry and some suggestions:

Check renewal date on your passport. Keep it current.

Just remember: GOES 

You will need to:
• Make out the application on line and print it out
Print out any receipt you get if you pay online
• Make an appointment online for the San Ysidro Office
Take your passport with you for your appointment
Take $100 cash (just in case you didn't pay on line)

Take the BLUE trolley line from a commuter parking area south to San Ysidro.
Once you arrive in San Ysidro you will be at the end of the trolley lone. You must get off the trolley
Walk approximately in the direction the trolley is pointed.

Look for a pale blue building with the name SENTI on the front of the building. (...or ask someone)

After you check in at the window:
• You will be interviewed.
• You will be fingerprinted. (even though you have been fingerprinted for any other job)
• You will have your picture taken.

The Global Entry is good for 5 years BUT...

• If you have to renew your passport within this time frame (mine needs to be renewed in 3 years) You will have to scan your new passport at the SENTI office. 

Note: The renewal dates 
of the passport and 
Global Entry are not in sync.

Inside your passport on the photo page at the bottom 
are two lines of what look like letter and number gobbledygook. 

When you renew, 
although your personal information and photo have not changed, the gobbledygook will change and it needs to be scanned at the SENTI (Global Entry office.

You Global Entry will come in the mail about 4-6 weeks later. 
(mine came in about 2-3 weeks.)

Then when you arrive from outside the country just:
• scan you passport and 
•scan your fingerprints 
at special kiosks and you are on your way.

P.S. If you are a member of Global Entry, you automatically qualify for what is called TSA Precheck. 

The TSA Precheck allows you to go through an expedited screening at many airports:

• your will walk through a metal detector walk through
• carry-on bags are sent through x-ray machine 
  (I didn't have to take out my computer)
• you don't have to take off shoes or remove liquids

Do you have a Global Entry?
Have you used your Global Entry?
Have you been screened by TSA Precheck?

How did it work?

Please contact me with your comments. Would love to hear from you.

See ya down the road,


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