Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Start of Our Journey

This is the first blog post of Glimpses on the Horizon. Welcome to my reflections on tribulations, trials, and travels through Eastern Europe, the birthplaces of my ancestors.  

(You can also visit the LOTT page (Dutch).

This photo is of the long road into Palesnik, Croatia (my mother Kata Binder's birthplace) and reflects my long search for the surname BINDER. Recent confirmations from my research consultant in Croatia and the German attorney's office confirming a family estate matter related that Johan (Ivan) Binder, my great grandfather, was buried in Palesnik, Croatia in 1931 (born in Somogy Harsagy, Hungary in 1859).

This was an enormous breakthrough for me..

I will be returning to Croatia in Spring 2016 to find Johan Binder's grave.  

I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING GERMANY, HUNGARY, ROMANIA, SERBIA and SOUTH DAKOTA, USA, FOR JOHAN BINDER FOR 16+ YEARS (but Anna BINDER grandmother for 20+ years) Only recently I found Johan's death date and burial location from an attorney in Germany. (They sent their documented proof/source to me via email ...Thank you.)  
More on this serendipity of this find in subsequent blog posts.

* Johan is German and Ivan is more Russian yet Johan went by both names. No wonder I could not trace him and when I did get a lead on Johan (Ivan) I also found his grandson who was Ivan Johan (going by John). Yikes, is there any wonder why research difficulty occurs due to the confusion with names?
( Dutch patronyomics you know.)
* You are wondering with this list of Eastern European countries why the mention of South Dakota?
That is a story in itself...

* Eastern Europe has been difficult research. Some information is available online but certainly not enough and certainly not easy to find. Eastern European countries keep their records close to the vest.  

* I want to thank "cousins" Monika, Teresia, and Franjo and their families for their trust in me as a researcher of the family names we share and for their most generous hospitality.

** I want to thank Joe Esterricher, Skoumal KrisztiƔn, and Lidija Sambunjak. Krisztian and Lidija are paid researchers and are my boots on the ground in Croatia, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, and Romania. Joe is a Hrastovac friend who lives in the US near Salt Lake City. UT.
More on these researchers and other researchers in subsequent posts.

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